Season Appropriate

Normally at this time of year, I would have roses blooming.  Not this year.  It has been such a hot, dry summer that everything is in a state of stress.  No new roses.  I think they would be in danger of frost soon anyway.  It seems that autumn is arriving, which it often fails to do in Colorado.  One day it is summer, and the next it is winter.

I am off to work.  Happily.  Imagine that!  I am so glad I lived through the first half (or more) of this year.  It was one of the hardest periods I have ever survived.  I have lived through tragedies, which this wasn’t, and life threatening illness, which this wasn’t.  I have lived through living with someone who was abusive and wanted me dead.   But changing jobs nearly did me in!

My daughter is in the dining room singing to her dog.  This house is seldom quiet these days.  I am a bit too attached to quiet.  It is nice to be letting go of that as well.

O give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his mercy endures for ever.  — Psalm 136:1


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10 Responses to Season Appropriate

  1. patty says:

    Feeling your happy vibes this morning, Mary.

  2. Syd says:

    Beautiful photo of fall there. We are still in summer mode here. The roses are blooming. We did have rain and the irrigation system works well. I’m glad that you survived it all. But I know that you are a survivor.

  3. Dave U says:

    Damn. I strongly dislike change.

  4. luluberoo says:

    Letting go of my almighty SCHEDULE (which I cling to tenaciously) has been good for me also. Accepting that others actually live life with little or no schedule (my son) has been a deep lesson. Perhaps my way is not the only way?? (hard to admit!)

    thanks for your encouragement on my blog. I’ve found religion gives my life meaning, but I never want to be pushy about it to others.

  5. Ms S says:

    I love the pictures you paint of tender moments like your daughter singing to her dog. I have been following your journey through your depression after job changes as I ve been feeling blown away since I changed my job ( also moved in with alcoholic partner at the same time to add to chaos lol) Ive drawn a lot of strength from the way you shared your struggles. thank you thank you thank you

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