photo.JPGThis will probably become one of the photos I delete, I find it creepy to post pictures of my family.  This is my beautiful middle granddaughter.  For seven years, she was the youngest.  So, I still think of her as a little girl.  Yesterday my daughter, the girls, and I went to an Italian Festival.  We all had fun.  She was so cute with her brown lips while eating chocolate gelato.  It was so nice to walk around as a part of a family.

I drove around so much yesterday, I decided to stay in today.  I had hoped to sleep late, but at 4:00 a.m., there were men in the street having a conversation – this is unusual enough to have woken me from a sound sleep.  I have no idea who they were or why they were there…. this is a cul de sac, so it is odd.

I am hurting from my milage yesterday.  It is a good sore, but a sore just the same.  It is opening Sunday of the NFL season, so although my team is playing tomorrow night there are four games available to me today – and two pre-game shows to choose from, starting in 10 minutes.  (sponsee called and said she was working at the game tonight and I, in all my sponsorly wisdom, told her the game is tomorrow – goon!  it is today!)  I will do one of my favorite things in the whole wide world, taking a nap on the sofa, on a Sunday afternoon, with the football game playing.  I came to love that when I was in school when I experienced a level of exhaustion I have never known before or since.  I don’t know why football games are so perfect to sleep to, but they are.

Oh!  And listen to this!  I decided to get HBO on Friday.  When I got home on Friday night, in my mail was an offer to get HBO for six months for half price!  $8 a month!!  Yippeeee!  I am now in the process of watching stupid movies when I have a minute.  Bridesmaids on Friday night – stupid, but funny.

Things are changing.  I am doing different things.  Watching stupid movies, singing along with the radio, downloading new (to me) songs, going to a different parish… things are changing.

Thus says the Lord:  Say to those who are of a fearful heart: Be strong, fear not!  — Isaiah 35:4

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16 Responses to Joys

  1. Annette says:

    I meant to comment on your singing along to the radio post yesterday…but here I am, a day late. I always listen to books in the car as I drive around. I drive a lot for my work. Books seem like such a good use of time. I too would listen to classical…it was as if I had to use my time in the car wisely…listening to books or classical music. No fluff for me! Lately though I too have been putting in CD’s and singing along! I realized that that was a signal that something has changed inside myself. I am not worry free or without my stress….but I can now sing in the midst of it all! My favorite right now is Crosby Stills and Nash. Old favorites.
    I’m glad you are singing too. :o) You must be feeling better. I am happy about that.

    • Annette, what synchronicity! It was C,S&N’s Judy Blue Eyes that got me singing. The long version has two drum beats at the end of a solo, my friends and I used to beat on the dashboard just in time to those two beats. I still hit them with precision while driving on Saturday morning. 40 some years later.

  2. sydlaughs says:

    I’m glad that you are arising from the “ashes” so to speak. Depression cloud is lifting which is so good. I am enjoying my day too. Not doing too much but just hanging out.

  3. Kelly says:

    Bridesmaids IS stupid, but so, SO funny!

  4. I just caught Bridesmaids the other day and I agree, stupid…but funny.

    Have you gone the Netflix route?

  5. luluberoo says:

    Now you have me thinking about the pics I post (even though I always have permission). My family are hams, and don’t mind…but still maybe it is too personal…?!

  6. Dave U says:

    Thanks for several laughs.

  7. Pam says:

    Oh girl, I’m so glad that you get the fall time joy of football Sunday. I know that it has always been your way to relax.

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