Back to the Running Club

This morning I am joining with my running club again.  Yesterday I coughed up the money to do this and I am super excited about being with my running pals again.  The photo is a few of us before the start of the Divas Vail race last summer.

Today we will be on one of my favorite routes – along side a creek, which is handy for a post-run soak.  You probably can expect some new pictures of my feet soaking in the cold creek (but the name is Clear Creek).  Actually the head coach called it “the perfect opportunity for a post-run Rocky Mountain ice bath!”

A couple of changes?

  • No new shoes today, I am trying to last a year with the very expensive pair I bought early this year, they have been the best shoes ever (Newtons).
  • No new clothes for today – I already have enough running clothes to start a running thrift store.
  • No gels, shot bloks, honey stinger chews, or other expensive nutrition.  Instead, I have a small baggie of pretzels and another small baggie of gummi bears. In with the gummi bears are a couple of Endurolyte capsules.
  • No post run Muscle Milk – I mixed up some chocolate milk last night (cocoa, sugar, milk) and have it in the fridge.

Some thrift is foolishness, I’ll find out today if any of these are.  I feel so extravagant for signing up for the club, I need to cut whatever fat I can.  Besides, I am hoping to purchase a Kindle Fire later this month.  I am sick of lugging books all over creation.  Well, just from here to downtown on the bus, but they’re heavy and bulky.

I’m looking forward to my 10 miles.  And the rest of the day too.

“we have to say that this ‘Ask, and you will receive’ certainly cannot mean that I can call God in as a handyman who will make my life easy every time I want something.  Or who will take away suffering and questioning.  On the contrary, it means that God definitely hears me and what he grants me is, in the way known only to him, what is right for me.”  Pope Benedict XVI



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5 Responses to Back to the Running Club

  1. Dave U says:

    Have a nice run
    Then have some fun

  2. Syd says:

    Have a good run. I am sure the weather is nice. Warm here with showers later.

  3. luluberoo says:

    I look at my exercise expenses as my hobby. At one time I had two gym memberships for my hobby. I buy good clothes and shoes for my hobby. I have/had a personal trainer. She is a friend, so I get a small discount, but it’s money spent none the less. Some people restore cars, gamble, woodwork, the list is endless. My husband spends a lot of money on books for his kindle (and hardcovers)..his hobby. We never say anything about that money spent, because we need those things for balance in our lives. I think it’s great you are back with your buds, and if I was running that kind of terrain, I would want company too!!

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