Second Cup of Coffee

Each morning, I have exactly one cup of coffee.  This morning, I am having two.

At 3 a.m., I woke with a start to the sound of a loud argument.  I ran to the window to see what was going on and saw a car taking off, like a rocket.  It screached to a stop a few houses away, and a woman was ejected, shouting “Shit!”

Immediately, I recalled insane nights doing insane things in the middle of streets.  Somehow I don’t believe it ever occurred to me that there were people in those houses who were sleeping.  That I might be waking them up.  That for some of them, waking up in the middle of the night is nearly a tragedy.  Sometimes I feel that it is a tragedy for me, because I cannot go back to sleep.

I got up and had a cup of coffee.  I had a nice hot bath.  I turned on the heated mattress pad for the first time this season (it is 48 degrees outside), slipped back into bed, and tried to go back to sleep.  But I couldn’t.  Now I am having a second cup of coffee and will soon go out into the world – which will probably wake me up.

Oh!  My kingdom for the ability to go back to bed right now!

When I was younger, I was flailing about, searching for meaning in spirituality that made no demands upon me.  One of those things was palm reading.  When I studied my life line, I found that it is broken into three sections.  The first part is a messy line, then it breaks and a strong line continues, straight and true.  But that line also breaks, and then another line continues.  I interpreted this to be my drunken life, then my sobriety and new life.  I feel that I might be at the end of that strong period and heading into another.  My prayer is that I will be sober for this life too.  But it seems that it will be full of challenges.  That’s OK.

God has seen me through difficult times before and I have faith that he will see me through whatever my future brings.  I have always come to the other side of terribly challenging times and realized the priceless things I learned or how going through these things has changed me – for the better.

I am choosing to trust in that now.

Goodness Gracious!  Great Balls of Friday!

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One Response to Second Cup of Coffee

  1. Syd says:

    Forty eight degrees? Wow. The summer is coming to a close there. Happy Friday,MC!

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