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Late July 2012

In the land of two of the most atrocious mass killings in recent history in the US, I swear we have all been kinder to one another over the last few days.  In all of my interactions over the weekend, … Continue reading

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It’s been a difficult 24 hours for one who lives in the Denver Metro area.  I was afraid when I got into the elevator at work.  Would someone I work with be devastated by the news?  My boss was the … Continue reading

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Prayers Please

Terrible. Terrible. Please say prayers for those effected by the massacre in Aurora. Children. It is heartbreaking. There is silence on this bus this morning as we all try to wrap our minds around what has happened. – Posted using … Continue reading

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Decisions, Announcements, Prognoses

This photo was taken last summer after a long run on a Saturday morning with my running club.  I think I did 18 miles that day, then got my shoes off and went to the creek for a little soak. … Continue reading

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While being eaten by bugs….

A tiny painting I did while in NY.  It is now on my mantle – along with the starfish Syd sent me a few years ago.  I decided the idea of blogging at night might be more palatable if I … Continue reading

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Another one

Yesterday I finally took a picture of me with my new haircut.  I really like having short hair, but typically forget that after a month or two.  The only thing I don’t like about it?  When I am working out, … Continue reading

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In a Summer’s Day

On a beautiful summer morning, the sounds of suburbia coming through my window.  A few cars, a few dogs barking, and birds singing.  Suddenly my bird feeder has been taken over by large doves.  It had been dominated by small … Continue reading

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