And on the mountain today….

Denver off in the distance.

I got out on the mountain at 8:30 this morning.  About 2 hours too late.  It was HOT.  And by the time I finished, it was crowded with mountain bikers.  It is not easy to share single track with bikers.  I end up standing in the cactus and yucca until the bike passes… and if the person doesn’t acknowledge my extreme sacrifice, it kind of irritates me!    One super clever person shouted “Good Morning” as he was gaining on me, I stepped off the trail, and he said as he passed, “Have a great run!” and I shouted “Thank you!”   What a great approach.

The hills look rolling and soft, but they will kick your butt!  Some of them have a really steep incline.

Blood-curdling poop.  It is not human or canine, that means (to me) that it is from some sort of frightening animal with big teeth.  This is where it is comforting to be out there with all the runners, hikers, and yes, even mountain bikers.

I planned to do 7 miles today, so I knew I needed to turn around at 3.5 miles.  Amazing that at almost 3.5 miles, I was crossing the highway on a pedestrian bridge.  A minute earlier, I felt that I was out in the wilderness, with heightened awareness of dangerous animals!

And the ultimate reward at the turn-around point?  A toilet!  Yay!

On the return, I started to feel really hot and realized I failed to bring enough water, and no nutrition at all.  Which would be fine on a flat straight path or street.  I found this one and only little patch of shade and stayed there for a minute.

Back to the parking lot, I was so happy to see my car because I knew there was an insulated bottle of ice water awaiting.  There is nothing better than that!

When I was at Mass tonight, I looked out the window behind the altar at this mountain.  I may be changing churches again, so I am going to different churches to see where I might fit.  This one is the closest to my home, but I don’t generally like it.  Well, that’s not really the truth, the truth is I don’t really like the priest.  But tonight there was a different priest and a church packed full of young families – and I really love to see that.

Tomorrow morning I am picking up my sober daughter at 6:30 and driving across town to my home group where I will celebrate my AA birthday.  God has been so very good to me.

And now I will go watch the Olympics.  And remember 28 years ago, just after I got sober, the 1984 Olympics were starting, and we had to get a new TV.  Our television was blown up by lightening a few weeks earlier.  We took it to a TV shop to see if it could be repaired.  It couldn’t and so we picked it up and had it in the backseat of the car while we went to the grocery store on the way home.  Some fool stole that irreparable  TV!  What a favor to us!

I was a few days sober and never even imagined I would stay sober for a month or a year, let alone 28 of them.  Amazing.

Total non-sequitor:  Surreal is a word that actually means something.  I wish Olympic athletes would stop calling every experience “surreal.”

This is surreal!  The Castle of the Pyrenees by Renee Magritte.

Thank you for reading this long, disjointed post.

So faith, hope, love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love. — 1 Corinthians 13:13 (and my daughter’s latest tattoo)

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5 Responses to And on the mountain today….

  1. luluberoo says:

    So many beautiful places to run on God’s green earth. That is def a challenging one!

    This post felt different than the usual Mary. A reminder to me we are all multi faceted, and we don’t have to stick to one aspect on our blog. Love your daughter’s tattoo-what part of her body??

  2. Being a visual person, I love a post with pictures. And you have such a peaceful part of the country to play in. As for the poop….I have never seen anything like it. A little scary, yes?

  3. Syd says:

    Nice photos, MC. Your peace in nature is so similar to what I feel when I am there as well.

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