Want to see if I can post from my phone.

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7 Responses to Testing

  1. Apparently the answer is yes. And that’s my new nightgown.

  2. I just wanted to say, for what it’s worth… I don’t know what I do/did that might have offended but I did finally notice that though comments from other bloggers have been acknowledged over time there is one who has gone unacknowledged…noticeably, though I’m very slow sometimes. Even to the really slow God can provide sudden realizations, and today was mine.

    I am truly grateful for your wisdom. I just wanted you to know that I did realize, and it has made me self-reflective about what I am saying/doing in my own blog. I really appreciate the wisdom you’ve shared over the years.

    Thank you, and for what it’s worth, I’m sorry I’ve been slow to realize, I’m taking steps to really reflect on this and find some truth about blogging, my own blog and how I participate with others.

    • Oh my goodness. Believe me, this is nothing deliberate. I think you probably have commented later than others and I rarely go back to old posts after I have posted a new post. You have always been so supportive of me, I appreciate you and I truly apologize for having given you the impression that I don’t value you or your comments.

      • Oh thank you! Obviously I am a bit slow to see that you really did respond, I just saw a couple that weren’t and of course like the silly dramatic woman I am… felt it keenly.

        Good news, I’m still teachable and you’re still a wonderful forgiving and sweet woman Mary Christine!!! 🙂

        ❤ thank you!

  3. luluberoo says:

    WordPress does pingbacks automatically when someone links to your posts. Cool, huh!

  4. Dave U says:

    I’m just here enjoying the journey.

  5. Syd says:

    Your nightgown looks like batik. Test seems to be okay.

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