Sunday Night Feeling on Thursday Morning

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I have noticed that I am now getting that “Sunday Night Feeling” on Sunday night as well as all throughout the week.  When I was a kid, on Sunday night, I would start dreading, with terror, the thought of going back to school on Monday.  I have had jobs where I have this feeling , but it has been decades since I have felt this way.  I think 1989 was the last time.  When I think about going to work this morning, my hands perspire and my stomach tenses up.  This cannot be good.

I don’t know what the solution is, but I am actively seeking solutions.  And I will say no more than that.

I will look for things that are good about the day.  I will assure myself that I am not stupid or too old to have any value.  I have not got the skill set that is necessary for this job, but I have other skills that have taken me 40 years in the workplace to hone.   I have now learned to write code (something I never ever aspired to), but I do not do it at lightening speed.  And frankly, I don’t do anything at lightening speed – again, something I do not aspire to.

Changing subject:  I need to buy a book on that will last through many hours of listening while I am on vacation.  Can anyone recommend a super long book?  I recently listened to War and Remembrance (45 hours), and Winds of War (56 hours).  I am thinking maybe Shogun by James Clavell – but it is only 40 hours long.  Anyone?

Thank you.  And sorry for my endless complaining.  And any prayers you could say for me would be greatly appreciated.

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24 Responses to Sunday Night Feeling on Thursday Morning

  1. lulu says:

    James Mitchner has some loooong books. Maybe one of his might sound interesting? There’s a book “A suitable boy” by somebody Seth that has gotten good review and is suuuper long….but I’ve never read it.

    • I have read most of Michener’s books – and loved them.
      A suitable boy is only 5 hours long 😦

      • lulu says:

        haha so weird because it is listed as one of the longest novels ever published in English (in a single volume) 591,552 words. Maybe the only audiobook available is abridged or something. bummer. You might have to “read” two books this vaca

      • Yes, I just looked, and A Suitable Boy on Audible is a “performance” not an audible book. It sounds like an awesome book. I may have to purchase the hard copy book.

  2. Syd says:

    Have you read Chesapeake by James Mitchener? It was a good book with a lot of history too. For the classics, there is Bleak House by Dickens and Les Miserables by Victor Hugo–both are long.
    In the modern era, there is Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace. Also, Atlas Shrugged and the Fountain Head by Ayn Rand are long. Most of Pat Conroy’s books like the Great Santini and Prince of Tides are long.
    In the biography section, the new one on Steve Jobs is long.

    I hope that the job gets easier.

    • I have read Chesapeake, and loved it.
      Bleak House is a long one at 35 hours. Les Mis is 60 hours! I listened to the narrator and thought maybe I didn’t want to listen to him for 60 hours.
      I have read Infinite Jest – it has the best description of depression I have ever read.
      Have read Atlas Shrugged several times. And Fountain Head. I have read most of Pat Conroy’s books.
      The Steve Jobs book is 25 hours long.
      But you have given me an idea!

  3. susan says:

    I don’t know if your into this, MC, but the whole “Game of Thrones” series sounds really good. Might be my summer read, could be yours. Have a great vacation.

  4. Dave U says:

    I can’t help you on any of this.
    But I can say Good Morning, Mary C.

  5. Jackie says:

    not sure if it’s available but “Unbroken” is awesome.

  6. Kelly says:

    I just read Shogun again after many years. I found a lot of inspiration in it for the stage of my life at present. I too have heard that Game of Thrones is very good, and VERY long. I was planning on giving it a shot this summer.

  7. Mary LA says:

    I’ll think about books — hang in there, things will change. Love those saints.

  8. luluberoo says:

    I’m praying for your active solution.


  9. Dixie Redfearn says:

    I would suggest Steve Jobs by Walter Isaccson or Life by Keith Richards. Both wonderful, easy to read and read like a novel. Lots to think about, too!!

  10. Thank you everyone for your wonderful suggestions. You led me down some trains of thought… and I have chosen “War and Peace!” I have always wanted to read it and never have. It is 60 hours long! And only one credit!

  11. Pam says:

    My brilliant Mary…….I do not like your uncomfortableness at work. I can’t pick a long book but I do know how to pray for someone so I volunteer for that duty. It should be easy since God knows you so well.

  12. Oh I don’t like your discomfort at work either. I feel so akin to you in this that I have to pray with my whole heart, knowing the gut wrenching and palm sweating feeling personally, in fact this week I’ve honestly spent so much time with work worries and I just can’t seem to catch up. I am so grateful Mary Christine that you are on this journey and active and vibrant in seeking solutions, in finding joy in God and in the Church, and in taking the time you need to rest and relax. I can learn from that.

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