Smashed into the Ground

The former peonies in my back yard

What a storm!  I was tossing and turning, listening to huge hail, seeing endless – and I do mean endless – lightening, and struggling to sleep.  At midnight I heard a sound I have never heard in the almost 11 years I have lived in this house.  It took me a moment to realize it was the tornado warning siren.  I got up, grabbed my phone and went downstairs to hide in the bathroom (the innermost room, with no windows, on the lowest level of the house).  Once there, I realized that if we had no power, I would have no light, so I went back upstairs and got a couple of candles and matches – of course I don’t have a flashlight with working batteries.  Then I went out to the garage and got my favorite rosary out of the car.  Then I got my cup of ice water.  Then I hunkered down and prepared to die.

But first, my phone rang.  It was my daughter who lives one mile away.  We talked and compared notes about where we were getting information.  I was using my phone to get to the National Weather Service, she was using her phone to get NOAA.  But we both learned there was a tornado sighted very close and that we were to take cover immediately!  She was getting text updates from my son’s wife.  The baby was sleeping through this!  I was so happy to hear it because I thought of her with each deafening thunder clap.

This morning my neighbor and I were both out surveying the damage and taking photos.  I have one rose bush with actual buds on it that somehow looks only dinged up, but not smashed.  The peonies are history, but the bush will be fine.  I may have roof damage, but won’t find out any time soon, the roof is such that I would have to get on it to see what happened, and I am NOT getting on it.  There are piles of hail still on the ground, five hours after the hail ended.

In the mail last night was an envelope from the City and County of Denver.  I knew that could mean only one thing – a photo radar ticket.  And sure enough it was.  They sent a photo of me, driving my car – I thought that since it was at a traffic light I was being ticketed for going through a red light.  It took me a while to realize that it is a $40. ticket (no points) for stopping over the white line.  So, I stopped, but my front tire was over the little line. Holy Crap.  I think I am liking the bus more each day.

Sometimes maybe a major case of major depression is good.  These things are not really upsetting right now because they just seem like fitting piece of the tapestry of my life.  It feels smashed and I feel generally persecuted.

I can write my gratitude, because I do have it.

Mostly I thank God that he doesn’t care what my bank balance is, and he will provide for me, even if I am homeless.  And I can face death without dread.    Those are no small things.

If we are faithless, he remains faithful – for he cannot deny himself.  — 2 Timothy 2:13

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18 Responses to Smashed into the Ground

  1. Annette says:

    Good lord what a night! You must be exhausted this morning…
    I’m sorry about your peonies and I hope your roof is ok. As to the ticket…..ridiculous! Yes you stopped! They are getting hung up on details imo!

    • I thought of going to court and claiming that it was better that I did stop than go through a red light, but I think then my speed would be called into question. Maybe I should just pay the $40 and slow down instead. But it does seem really picky.

  2. Pam says:

    Oh my goodness Mary!
    So happy to hear that you are OK…………well relatively speaking 😉

  3. Imogen says:

    You are so strong to weather the storms both within and without. As you say, these are no small things you face. I’ve been lurking around your blogs for a while and I really admire the way you face life’s trials with dignity and integrity. Hang in there you’re doing so well.

  4. Kelly says:

    Wow, what en experience! I know I would be tired today after that. Thank God you are all right! This made me think of how nature is resilient, even though your peonies are beaten up, they’re not defeated! Same with us —
    we are afflicted in every way, but not crushed ; perplexed, but not despairing 2 Corinthians 4:8

  5. Jackie says:

    Hey MC,
    I work in the insurance field and thought after reading your post, we normally ask people to get a roofer to take a look at the roof before filing a claim. they will do that for free. (well of course thinking they will get the job). You may want to consider that since climbing on the roof may not be your option. Just wanted to share that and thank God your all ok.

    • I am not climbing the roof. I am also not paying my $1,000 deductible right now, so it is all moot. But I will say that I think I have a claim for getting my house painted! There are little paint chips all over the ground, it got dinged up pretty bad.

  6. Dave U says:

    You lead such an exciting life.

  7. Syd says:

    I’m glad that you and your family are okay. The peonies will re-grow and the roof can be fixed, but no one was harmed. That is a really good thing.

  8. luluberoo says:

    When my dad was stationed in Ft Leavenworth and Ft Leonardwood, I remember going to a community safe spot all summer long. We didn’t have a basement, my father was an enlisted man, and non officers were assigned a place to go. What a hassle to leave the house in the middle of the night…so, I’ll admit, by August of each year, we just huddled in our bathtub.

    I loved the last paragraph. God has opened my eyes to people’s insides. Accepting their/my flaws. We are all such miracles.

  9. Mary LA says:

    So glad to hear you are safe, such fortitude you have in faith. Those poor smashed flowers. Your ongoing depression worries me Mary Christine, I hope it lifts soon.

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