A Day of Vacation

I took a day off work today so that I could have my little grandbaby over while her parents (my son and daughter-in-law) go fishing.  Oh, this is medicine for my aching soul! My daughter called yesterday and asked if I could take a day off to watch the baby so her brother and sis-in-law could have some time to themselves.  I immediately said “no.”  Really, take a day off work?  What?  And then I thought about it and just decided to do it.  My son was so happy and surprised when I called and asked him if baby could come over to visit all day today!

Sometimes I just really need to step off the merry-go-round and ask myself what’s important!  Today it is having a beautiful day with my little baby, who is just learning to say “nana.”

Sometimes I still marvel at the fact that I am a grandmother who is trusted to care for a baby.  I was not a trustworthy mother when my children were babies.  I deeply regret that, and seriously, I don’t care what the book says about “not regret the past.”  I am grateful I can learn from it and that I have that experience to share, but I DO regret hurting my children and you can never really make amends for that.

Oh, and speaking of things I probably wouldn’t say on the other blog – the other night as I sat with my sponsee reading the big book, she would turn red and break out in a sweat about every five minutes.   She is waiting for some insurance to kick in before she gets the  hormone replacement therapy that was prescribed to her!  I told her she might want to consider paying cash out of pocket for it – and told her it would be worth it.  My entire world changed when I started on estrogen when I needed it.  I said at that time that estrogen was the most profound mind altering substance I ever took!  I really think estrogen will help her more than 10,000 big books ever could.

And on the other hand, I was asked to help a woman who is a newly sober Christian and finds AA offensive.  I find THAT offensive.  If she is alcoholic and wants to get sober, she better get over it!

That’s it for my radical world view today.

I am grateful, grateful, grateful for a life so sweet and calm today.iframe>

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13 Responses to A Day of Vacation

  1. Dave U says:

    Estrogen, huh? Maybe, just maybe ……..

  2. luluberoo says:

    The baby is beautiful. You are like me–only one thing ever made me slow down–my SMOOCH! She was 1 yesterday. Her daddy made her a pancake in the shape of a “1”. We are soooo blessed!!

    You might suggest to your sponsee she try a natural estriol cream. That’s what I used, and I’ve recommended it to friends. It works great for a lot of people, without the expense of a script. Amazon has Smoky Mountain Naturals for $20. The jar lasts a long time.

  3. Syd says:

    Such a cute little child. Nice that you took the time to be with her. I’m sure that you needed the day off as well.

    • I think she’s super pretty, but I know I am not an objective observer!

      I did NEED the day off, but I didn’t end up GETTING the day off. darn e-mail, phone calls, and crises!

  4. patty says:

    Im glad you took the day to be with sweet baby girl I think it was God sent as they say :). Thanks Lou, I am going to find that creme and get some!

  5. Mary LA says:

    I do like your radical world view Mary Christine!

  6. mommaof3 says:

    I’m glad to have found this blog. I look forward to catching up.

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