Day of Rest?

This Sunday has been super busy.  It is four o’clock and I am sitting down for the first time today.

Yesterday I spent the day at the church where I am taking an icon class on Saturdays.  I had decided to make an icon for each of my children – thinking I would give them each a Guardian Angel.  I asked my daughters if they would value that gift and they both were so excited!  One daughter said she wanted to pick hers, and the other one said that she would love an icon no matter who it was.  I decided to start the open to anything daughter’s icon, and while praying before starting, I was led to start another Theotokos (God Bearer) instead of the guardian angel I had planned.  I still haven’t asked my son yet, but I have feeling he will ask for St. Michael the Archangel.  I am thrilled to be working on this.  I put the bole on the halo last night and let it dry.  This morning, I opened the windows (it was 39 degrees outside) while I went to a meeting.  When I came home, it was cold enough for the gold to adhere to the burnished bole.

Then I hit the trail for a 20 mile bike ride.  Oh, I want to break up with my bike and biking in general – forever.  Today I coined a term for the local trails: Testosterone Alley.   So aggressive!  I thought on Sunday afternoon the families would be out walking and little kids, etc. would be bike riding.  It is my understanding from when I used to bike a lot – if you are going much more than 15 mph, you need to stay on streets, not on trails.  It is just plain antisocial.  But this is clearly not the case.  After I had a near collision with a biker and 2 pedestrians, I got off the trail at 5 miles, and rode around a big block (one mile each) in an industrial area 10 times, and then rode the 5 miles back to my car.  I got my 20 in, but not the way I thought I would.

Tomorrow I have a sponsee coming over after work.  She puzzles me.  She has worked the steps – repeatedly – but still has the same problems.  She is on her third job this year, and is having problems at this one, one week in.  I told her after she left her last job that I wasn’t going to listen to the same complaints about yet another workplace, if she had problems at the new job, she was going to have to admit that she is the common denominator in all these situations.  My sponsor and other friends from the program have told me to drop her.  But I think I am not supposed to do that.  She needs a great deal of help and attention, and although it pains me, I do this.

Last night I went to Mass at one of my old parishes.  I was shocked to see how empty the pews were and that most of the people were still using the old responses (they changed last November).  In spite of the fact that the church is over 100 years old and has pews and kneelers, no one knelt!

I am all over the place here.  Sorry.  I am trying to find my way around WordPress, and honestly can’t figure out how to un-moderate comments, how to include links, etc.  I guess I will find my way.

Thanks to anyone who has come by.  I hope this blog will get more interesting as I go.  But I feel so much freer to write what I really feel when I am not putting myself out there as a member of anything other than the Catholic Church – who happens to be sober.

Deo Gratias.

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11 Responses to Day of Rest?

  1. Lou says:

    Oh, Mary this wordpress is making me nuts. I hope it gets easier. Who can tell us (in PLAIN, nontechnical English) how to add a blogroll. anyone, anyone??

    I absolutely love the icons you are making for your children. This kind of gift is kept and cherished. Not just more material “stuff”.

    I’ve quit biking outside. The drivers of Detroit are extremely anti-bike and pedestrian. I been shouted at, swerved at, and generally harassed. I give up. There is a reason it’s called the motor city…sigh.

    I like this new blog. I feel like we’re re inventing ourselves, but we are the same people, just not writing for a certain niche.

    • Anyone? Un-moderating? How?
      Yesterday I felt safer on the streets of Denver than I did on the bike trail. I would rather deal with cars than other bikes. How sad is that?
      It’s kind of fun to have a new blog. And I really like yours!

  2. luluberoo says:

    figured out blogroll.
    Go to dashboard. Go to links. Add links. Depending on your theme, you may have to add the blogroll widget (under appearance, then widgets)

  3. luluberoo says:

    figured out how to un-moderate comments. Go to dashboard. go to comments. At the bottom of comments page (where it shows pending, approved, etc) it has bulk actions. Click approve, then apply.
    hee, hee, this is kinda like sudoku!

  4. Mary LA says:

    Dashboard is your friend. Remember that if you have more than one blog anywhere, WordPress will give the last url of a blog you used, so check that. To look at your reader stats in more detail, go to Dashboard, then Stats non the right-hand side, then click on View All under the small graph.

    If I get rehab advertisers or hostile anti-me commenters, I zap them into Spam instead of approving them.

    That icon looks beautiful.

    Is it possible the sponsee is not telling you something? Those new to recovery can sabotage by smoking dope, abusing over-the counter prescription meds or by acting out in some small secret way that undermines their own progress.

    • Mary, I think I am so accustomed to using blogger that it is hard to get used to something else. Still haven’t figured out how to un-moderate comments. That said, I think I like wordpress better already. Thanks for your idea about the sponsee. She is sober 7 years and you are right, this doesn’t add up. Thanks! Mary

  5. Syd says:

    I haven’t a clue about WordPress, but it looks good. I have a friend who is 21 years sober and can’t hold a continuous job, hasn’t worked anything steady in 3 years, is as dry as dry can be, but has something broken inside. He enjoys helping me with the boat. I accept who he is without expectations of anything. It is tough though to see what his life is like and what it could be.

  6. Kelly says:

    God Bless you! I’ll read you wherever you write 🙂

  7. Kary May says:

    I love the icon and I love the idea of making guardian angels, I’d like to make them for my grandchildren who are woefully without the guidance of religion in their lives. Another thing I feel guilty about, maybe the guardian angels will be a start. When I was going through my nighttime withdrawal terrors I would call on all of the saints I could remember then I finally remembered I have a guardian angel, poor thing, the hell I have put her through. A few months ago I found a beautiful painting of an angel sitting on pillar and I bought her and now she hangs at my bedside, I think she alternates her time between sheer boredom and mortification. LOL

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