If a blog falls in a forest, does it make a sound?

Sorry for posting consecutive photos of the same rose.  This might be the most beautiful rose I have ever seen in my own garden.  I look at the roses and think of the old George Jones song, “It Was a Good Year for the Roses.”  His life is in utter devastation, and all he has to say is “what a good year for the roses.”  That sort of describes how I feel this year.  My life is not totally devastated, but maybe I am.  I have to do continual reality checks:

  • My mortgage is paid for this month and my home is my home
  • I have a job, and although it is ego deflation 5 days a week, my boss assures me that I am doing a good job and she values what I bring to the table
  • I have friends who love me and although I have not had time or energy to give to any relationships since January, they still call me and talk to me – and sometimes check on me.  Thank God for that!
  • I am sober and have not had to deal with drunken wreckage or remorseful mornings for almost 28 years.  Deo Gratias!
  • I get to go to Mass tonight.
  • A dear friend and psychiatrist urged me to start painting again as I left my old job.  I will spend most of today in a church basement, trying to rescue an icon of St. John the Baptist that someone else mangled.  It is a prayerful environment and does my soul good.  I pray that I am spending that time not only restoring my soul, but offering something of use to God.
  • Before I head to church, I will meet my running club for a few miles – anything under 10 is a “few” after spending the last two years training for marathons.   I am healthy enough to do this.
  • I have an Olympic Distance Triathlon (swim one mile, bike twenty-five, run 6.2 miles) in 3 weeks.   In spite of the fact that I have not had time to train adequately for this race, I have a base of fitness, and should be able to survive the race.  Not many 60 year old women can say that.
  • AND, I have never seen such lovely roses or such a quantity of them!  Not only in my garden, but in those of my neighbors.  I love roses so much.  I always think of the Blessed Virgin when I smell them – those who have been blessed by apparitions of her have reported the fragrance of roses.

It is so refreshing to write honestly about what is going on.  I am suffering terribly from depression.  I need to be grateful, it really does help.   I find great comfort in being in a church, head down, painting a sacred image.  I find comfort in Mass and Eucharist.  I find comfort in physical activity.

I find comfort in the roses.

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9 Responses to If a blog falls in a forest, does it make a sound?

  1. shadowlands says:

    Love the new blog! I shall advertise it on mine today.

  2. louisey says:

    So happy to find you here — I always think of that young Therese of Lisieux who said she would let fall a shower of roses after her death.

  3. Lou says:

    This is an amazing gratitude list. To be able to to write this at this point in your life is truly a gift of God’s mercy. One goal in my upcoming “decade of the 60’s” (I will be 60 later this year) is look for the good and blessed in my life and others.

    I look forward to all you have to say as “onesobercatholic”!

  4. Thanks Lou. And welcome here! I can’t wait to see what your new blog brings!

  5. Syd says:

    I like the title of the post. I noticed that you hadn’t posted. Glad that you are here and posting all those things that are going on in your life. My blog has evolved to be about living life in some sort of peaceful state. I suppose that is what I feel right now–peaceful.

  6. mommaof3 says:

    I just started reading 1000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp last night. Have you heard of it? Itis about eing grateful. It is eautiful writing, tho I am only on chapter three.

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